Here at Home Efficiency Plumbing Services we are fully trained to install unvented hot water systems. Ideal for houses with more then one bathroom or a high demand for hot water they are an efficient way to reduce your hot water costs while improving performance and pressure at your taps and showers.

     Why Fit An Unvented System?

     Reduces heat loss from your hot water cylinder

     Saves Space (No need for any tanks in the loft)

     No need for expensive pumps to provide better shower performance

     Improves Pressure at all draw off points

     Run more then one bathroom simultaneously

     More efficient - saving energy, the environment and you money!

     Why not fit a Solar Cylinder now to provide the option of solar hot water in the future and save yourself even more money.

     Trust One of Our Experts!

To legally fit an unvented cylinder a plumber or engineer must attend a course upon completion they will be given a card authorising them to fit these systems. At Home Efficiency Plumbing Services our engineers are fully trained on these systems and hold a valid card.

Unvented hot water systems installed incorrectly can be extremely dangerous and may not operate as efficiently. Don't risk a cowboy. 

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